Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Schedule of Amazon Free Promotions for March 2014


March 2014

2nd - Zombie Gras (zombie novelette)
3rd - Zombie Gras
4th - Zombie Gras
9th - The Carrier (Dead Lay episode #2 - a "zombie erotica" short story)
12th - Shadow Schism (new contemporary fantasy novel)
13th - Shadow Schism
16th - Twisted Tales for Twisted Minds (short story collection)
17th - Twisted Tales for Twisted Minds
22nd - The Equipment (Dead Lay episode #3 - a "zombie erotica" short story)
23rd - The Equipment
26th - Daydreams of Seppuku (serial killer short novel)
27th - Daydreams of Seppuku
30th - The Carrier
31st - Dead Lay ("zombie erotica" short story collection)