Thursday, January 16, 2014

WWCJD: What Would Carl Jung Do?

At long last, that question can be answered, for Shadow Schism (a novel based around the principles of Jungian psychology) is finally finished and available for purchase.

Nick considers his life to be relatively normal. However, when a folk singer tells him that he is the embodiment of sin and a raven informs him that he has been chosen to save humanity from impending cataclysmic disaster, he begins to rethink that assessment. Then, just when Nick thinks he might be regaining his sanity, a beguiling woman named Susan seeks his assistance from shadows that are attacking her in a parking lot. From there, things start to get weird. 

Although Nick is an unlikely (and not altogether willing) hero, when strange beings disguised as animals begin to talk to him, what real choice does he have but to listen? They tell him that mankind's collective unconscious is withering and dying, causing rifts to form between conscious reality and the shadow world. As these chasms grow, hostile animated shadows are beginning to leak into physical reality through the cracks. Unless he can seal the rifts, all of reality will be doomed. 

Reluctantly, Nick embarks on a surreal journey, encountering nine different animal totems and seeking the aid of a witch, an oracle, and evasive subliminal agents. He clumsily battles against the denizens of shadow as they invade waking reality in a variety of harrowing forms. With a bit of luck, he might even figure out how to win Susan's heart along the way. But will he be able to find a way to close the rift between worlds before it's too late?