Saturday, November 10, 2012

Excerpt from Subliminal Debris (working title)

Chapter 1: Loose Ends

            Veronica was vacuuming the living room when, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a speck of something on the wall next to the bookshelf. 
            Turning off the vacuum cleaner, Veronica grabbed her dust rag.  Moving closer, she saw that it looked like thread.
            "Yes, it's definitely thread," she thought, giving the bookshelf a perfunctory wipe.  Then she reached over and brushed the thread away with the rag.
            Except that it was still there.  The thread appeared to be adhered to the wall.
            Sighing, Veronica dropped the dust rag on top of the top row of books and reached out to remove it by hand. 
            She tried to pick it off, but the thread resisted.
            "That's strange." Veronica thought.  It seemed to be solidly stuck to the wall.  Had someone super-glued  it there? 
            It was a piece of black thread, maybe two inches long, and its end was adhered to the wall. Grasping its end between her fingers, Veronica pulled determinedly.  However, as she pulled, instead of coming away from the wall, the thread just seemed to grow longer. 
            It was like pulling a loose thread on an old sweater, Veronica thought.   You never get to its end; instead, the garment just keeps unraveling.
            Except, of course, walls aren't supposed to unravel.  But this had become too weird for Veronica to stop; her curiosity was piqued.  She kept pulling.  Soon several feet of the thread dangled from the wall.
            On tip-toe, for she was short in stature, Veronica leaned in as closely as possible, until her nose was almost touching the wall, peering intently at the area where the thread appeared to be attached.  Upon examination, she could just make out that the wall around this mysterious thread seemed to be beginning to unravel.
            Veronica leaned back.  How could that be? A split in the seam of the wall?
            She resumed tugging on the thread with renewed vigor.